Repeat sentence

Repeat sentence

Repeat sentence

Number of questions: 

The total number of questions presented in Repeat Sentence is ten to twelve (10~12 questions).

Scoring(Skills Tested):

The scoring is fairly simple. The number of words you can repeat correctly, the more marks you get. You will get marks for the words that you can repeat correctly.

If there are wrong answers on the answer you will be marked for correct answers only. Each correct word spelt correctly scores 1 point. Remember incorrect words reduce the score from the correct response.

The main purpose of the Repeat Sentence Test section is an assessment of the Speaking/Listening skill of the student.

The section contributes scores to the listening, speaking, oral fluency and pronunciation.

How score is calculated based on the key factors: Content, Pronunciation and Oral Fluency.


Errors = replacements, omissions and insertions only 

Hesitations, filled or unfilled pauses, leading or trailing material are ignored in the scoring of content 

3 All words in the response from the prompt in the correct sequence 

2 At least 50% of words in the response from the prompt in the correct sequence 

1 Less than 50% of words in the response from the prompt in the correct sequence 

0 Almost nothing from the prompt in the response 


5 Native-like 

4 Advanced 

3 Good 

2 Intermediate 

1 Intrusive 

0 Non-English 

Oral fluency: 

5 Native-like 

4 Advanced 

3 Good 

2 Intermediate 

1 Limited 

0 Disfluent

Time to answer:  

You have around 15 seconds to repeat the audio sentence after the audio stops. 3-9 seconds pre-recording time is available. A pause of 3 seconds during the recording will result at the end of the question.

  • Preroll time before the lecture: none
  • Time to prepare the response: immediately
  • Time to record the answer: 15 seconds
  • Audio recording: 3-9 seconds

Even If you complete the answer in less time, you cannot transfer the time to another task.

You need to start speaking as the “Recording” prompt activates and complete speaking before it changes to “Completed”.

 Note: The recording will end if you remain silent for more than 3 seconds.

Structure of the task

  • For this item type, you hear a short sentence. Listen to the audio clip carefully, audio is played only once, no-repeat playback available.
  • Then you need to repeat the sentence exactly as played in the audio. You have 15 seconds to finish this task.
  • Repeat the sentence before the progress bar comes to an end. Finish speaking before “Recording” changes to “completed” on the screen.
  • The recording progress is usually shown at the mere bottom of the task screen. It is suggested to complete the task with no less than 12-13 seconds to avoid confusion or missing out.
  • The task is scored based on the number of correct words repeated presented from the audio recording.
  • If you get stuck in some word do not try to repeat or spend time figuring the word after the recording starts, just continue speaking.
  • A pause of 3 seconds or more will result in auto-completion of the question.
  • First, listen to the lecture and make a quick mental note of the key points from the lecture. Put in your 100% concentration on the audio, the audio is played only once, no-repeat play is available.
  • It is important to complete the task within a 15 seconds time frame. 
  • It is recommended to memorize the whole passage, make notes of key structure from the sentence and repeat the sentence.
  • To repeat the sentence, start speaking on the microphone immediately after the recording starts. No score is calculated for speaking before the recording starts or after the recording stops(Completed).
  • You have a 15 seconds time limit to complete the task after the audio is played on an individual question. It is recommended to use around 12-13 seconds to finish this task.
  • Then, Click on the Next button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to answer Repeat Sentence:

The task is scored based on the student’s ability to read the given passage with fluency, correct pronunciation and fluency close to a native speaker.

Start reading the audio recording heard immediately as the “Recording” prompt appears and do not take a pause in the middle. Complete the reading before the prompt turns to “Completed”.

Do not get stuck if you miss or pronounce a word or two wrong, continue with the reading. It’s better to try to catch the next word and continue than to get stuck on a single space and miss other words in the process. At least you will receive a partial score doing this than losing all the score. 

Complete the reading in full no matter how much you get stuck(not that we wish you to get stuck).

A good grasp on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of regularly used words is a recommended skill to sharpen to score higher in this test section.

In this kind of problem, if you can listen to short English phrases and correctly repeat them, you can get a high score. 

Only a few seconds before the audio begins to play. Make sure you concentrate on listening in these few seconds. When the audio (3-9 secs) begins, you try to remember the phrase, the words it contains and it’s meaning. 

If you are confident enough to be able to listen and take notes you can make a note but not recommended. You can make note of key phrases to make it easy to reference in case

The microphone opens after the recording stops. You should try to repeat the phrase in the right way. There is no room for thinking, remembering and searching. The right approach is to go at it as soon as possible. Even if you feel that you have committed an error or forgotten a word or mispronounced it, just move. Your speech and fluency are the only aspects of judgment for the marks. When you think too much or have not previously exercised your vocabulary or English-speaking skills, pronunciation and fluency will clearly show it.

Tips and Key Recommendation: 

Follow These Tips To Effectively Repeat Sentence In Pte Academic

This is a simple test of how well you can listen, understand and analyze what you just heard. In this test, you are going to hear a short sentence and then you have to repeat it and record it on the mic. This question form is a simple test. Your score depends on how many words you could correctly remember, i.e. how many words you got right. Your pronunciation and fluency depend on the rest of the ranking.

You should concentrate on hearing the meaning of the sentence as you listen. It becomes easier to remember words if you understand the concept and meaning. The phrases you can repeat correctly will earn you points. You will be unable to fill in your answers if you pause for more than 3 seconds. So, mind that! In this type of question, there is no point to pause or worry too much.

Not all words are the same, Some words need more attention than others. They tend to carry the context of the sentence. Remember to emphasize such words where necessary.

It’s like reading the news to the public, you need to provide complete information with proper use of pause and fluently. Nobody likes a person reading it in the same flat tone, Not even the examiner for the test.

Continue to the next word even if you miss a word, It’s better to try to catch the next word/phrase than to get stuck on a single word and miss another phrase in the process. A pause of 3 or more seconds automatically ends the test so keep that in mind and continue with reading.

Practice listening English News and documentaries as much as possible especially to boost your skills on listening score higher in this test section.

The tone of the answer does put no value on the gender of voice, or accent. It’s not that you need to speak in a female tone if you listen to a female speaking or otherwise or try American accent if you hear an American speaking. Try to repeat the sentence with clarity and fluency with proper pronunciation. 

Take note if necessary using short form, picture representation or any feasible way that helps. But put 100% focus on understanding the theme and every word in the sentence.

Sample Question with an answer for Retell Lecture

Sample Question 01


The University is dedicated to providing quality education to all students.




Sample Question 02




The celebrated professor contributed several innovative ideas to the field.




Sample Question 03


Students are held accountable for adhering to establish community standards.




Sample Question 04


You must read the supplementary materials as the professor has a habit of asking questions from it.




Sample Question 05


Farmers do not always price their agricultural goods.