Describe Image In Pte Academic

Describe Image

Number of questions:  

The total number of questions in Describe Image is five-six (5~6).

Scoring(Skills Tested):

The main purpose of the Describe Image Test section is an assessment of the Speaking skill of the student.

Time to answer:  

You have 25~40 seconds to understand the image and prepare the response and 30~40 seconds to record your answer

You have to describe an image displayed in the test screen for this question type within the allocated time frame.

The most common types of image displayed in Describe Image question type in PTE Test are:

  • Bar graphs
  • Process diagrams  
  • Pie-charts
  • Table
  • Line graphs
  • Maps
  • System diagrams
  • Photos
  • Mixed type images

Mixed type images are graphics that contain multiple image types. Multiple type Image question example,

A question that has a pie chart as well as a bar diagram.

Structure of the task

  • For this item type, you see an image in the test screen.analyse the image roughly.
  • The recording status box displays the countdown until the microphone opens for recording.
  • You have 30~40 seconds to analyse the image and 30~40 seconds to record your response for this task.
  • Then you need to describe the image in a detailed manner mentioning key takeaways from the image.
  • The task is scored based on three main factors: Content, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation.
    • Pronunciation: Does your response demonstrate your ability to produce speech sounds in a similar way to most regular speakers of the language?
    • Oral fluency: Does your response demonstrate a smooth, effortless and natural rate of speech?
    • Content: Does your response accurately and thoroughly describe the image?
  • First, review the image and make a quick note of the key points from the image to discuss.
  • Review the image and map out how you are going to structure the sentences. How might you describe to your friend in short(like the highlight of your recent concert).
  • It is important to summarize the passage within 30-40 seconds. 
  • It is not recommended to memorize the whole description, make notes of key points from the passage and structure the answer.
  • Then, Click on the Next button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

The image shows an example of the test screen.

In this question, you just have to describe an image that is provided to you. You have only 25 seconds to analyze the image that has been provided to you and prepare the content to be delivered. At the end of 25 seconds you will hear a beep and that is when you start.


You will always use the same template for this part of the test. So make sure you memorize it like your life depends on it.

  1. Grammar isn’t considered much in this exercise.
  2. Try to speak a little bit faster.
  3. The template is provided to you. Stick to it!
  4. Make sure you don’t stop speaking.
  5. Make sure to have a conclusion to your speech.


  • Speak calmly and clearly. Don’t rush!
  • Always focus on the main information that is there in the image. Every image tells a story and the story always has something important to say.
  • Use the erasable note board booklet to jot down the insights you get. Make sure they are just ideas, rather than complete sentences because it might consume a lot of time.
  • Always remember to organize your answer. Divide your answer into two or three major parts. 
    • General point: Talk about what the image describes in short
    • Main point: What is the main thing that the image is trying to denote? Describe it here.
    • Conclude: Summarize your points and conclude

How is this question scored?

You are judged on three main factors :


“Content is king”.First things first, you are judged on the fact of how good your content is. Does your content have the key insight that the image is trying to provide? If it does, that’s one of the basic things that you’ll need for this. What your content should contain :

  1. Description of relationships 
  2. Developments
  3. Conclusions/ implications from the image
  4. logical/specific information from the image


Fluency is another aspect in the scoring process. Is your presentation smooth? Is it effortless? Is the rate of speech natural? These are the things that affect your score. Are you hesitating or repeating certain phrases while speaking? This can heavily influence the score that you’ll get. 


You do not need to have a British accent. But you need to sound as clear as possible. Enunciate and don’t chew through your words.

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