Answer Short Question

Answer Short Question

Answer Short Question

Number of questions: 

The total number of questions presented in Answer short questions is ten-twelve (10~12).

Scoring(Skills Tested):

The main purpose of the Answer short question test section is an assessment of the Speaking/Listening skill of the student.

The primary skills required are:

  • ability to understand a question presented in a recording and provide a brief and accurate response.

There are only two kinds of responses to this question: 

  1. correct 
  2. incorrect. 

If the answer is incorrect or irrelevant you will not get any points. Also, you will not get a negative marking either.

The score of listening, speaking and vocabulary are connected to the question type.

Time to answer:  

You are presented with a 3-9 secs of audio recording then you need to answer the correct phrase or a word.

The audio will play immediately. You have 10 seconds to record the answer. The Microphone starts immediately after the audio so start answering immediately. No beep sound is heard so it is suggested to answer immediately after the recording prompt is shown.

You need to start speaking as the “Recording” prompt activates and complete speaking before it changes to “Completed”.

Note: The recording will end if you remain silent for more than 3 seconds.

Structure of the task

  • For this item type, you hear a question. Listen to the audio clip carefully, a 3-9 second audio is played only once, no-repeat playback available.
  • Then you need to record the appropriate answer to the question asked in the audio of this task. You have 10 seconds to finish this task.
  • There is no audio beep before the recording starts, thus it is suggested to respond immediately after the recording starts denoted by the “Recording” prompt on the screen.
  • Your response to Short Answer Questions is measured by the ability to understand and to provide a concise and correct reply to a question asked in audio.
  • First, listen to the question and make a quick mental note of the key term or phrase from the lecture that answers the question. Put in your 100% concentration on the audio, the audio is played only once, no-repeat play is available.
  • It is important to answer the question within the 10 seconds time frame. 
  • You have a time limit of 10 seconds to record your answer on individual questions. It is recommended to finish the task on time, don’t spend time looking for complex words, just respond to the question in one or two phrases maximum.
  • The recording will end if you remain silent for more than 3 seconds.
  • Then, Click on the Next button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

The image shows an example of the test screen for Answer Short Question

How to answer Answer Short Question

You have to answer the short question immediately after listening to the audio within 10 seconds. 

Start answering the passage immediately as the “Recording” prompt appears and do not take a pause in the middle. Complete the reading before the prompt turns to “Completed”.

The short answer question can be of two types :

  1. Text-based

Text-based questions are, as the name suggests, text-based which means a question is asked and you answer them. The question isn’t difficult and doesn’t require you to have specialized knowledge.

  1. Image-based

In image-based questions, you are shown an image and you have to answer accordingly. For example :

What colour are the eyes of the cat?


If you are presented with an image-based question, quickly try to scan the image to make a mental map to compare while listening to the audio.

Always answer with one word or a couple of words (if need be). Even if you answer using full sentences, you will not lose points.

Stress the important words of your sentences and make sure your pronunciation is correct.

Take your time. If you cannot answer it right away, take some time to think and reflect. If you still can’t answer the question, make a guess and move to the next question.

A good grasp on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of regularly used words is a recommended skill to sharpen to score higher in this test section.

Tips and Key Recommendation: 

Follow These Tips To Effectively Answer Short Question In Pte Academic

You will not require any specialized knowledge whatsoever. The questions are usually simple topics that you hear about every day. You’ll only give wrong answers if you panic or you overthink.

Practice listening to English audio daily (especially native speakers). What this will do is, make you understand the cadence and the rhythm of native speakers and also improve your listening skills. You can watch your favourite standup comic or watch Ted Talks be better at this.
Firstly, they won’t ask you any question that is outside of your comfort zone (non-specialized questions will be asked). To add to that, even if the question sounds complicated the answer to them is usually really simple.

Overthinking is a sin. Overthinking overcomplicates thinking and that’s the last thing that you should do. A lot of students overthink questions and end up answering the questions wrong. For example: If the question is “Where are bedbugs found?”, some students start overthinking it and think about where the natural habitat of the bedbugs is instead of answering “bed”. That is what overthinking can do.

Always concentrate! Even though the questions are easy, you might end up answering wrong because you do not pay attention. 

Vocabulary should be one of your priorities. You need to be able to understand basic words that are used in day to day life. If you know these words you can answer correctly whenever you face a question.

Never hesitate to answer. Answer the first thing that comes to your mind right away. Hesitating and overthinking can spoil your chances of answering correctly.

Paint a picture in your mind. It’s a technique that will help you answer the questions correctly. When you hear the question, just visualize the question. If the question talks about the living room, think about the living room and what a living room has and where things are placed. This will help you answer faster.

An answer like you are talking to a friend. How when your friend asks you a question and you answer in one or two words. Treat this segment similarly, answer with one or two words. The lesser the better.

Do not close your eyes. Occasionally, the question will be based on a picture that will appear on the screen.

If you do not know the answer, make a wild guess. Incorrect answers will not reduce your points.

Click on the “Next” button once you have answered the question.

Sample Question with the answer for Answer Short Question

Sample Question 01

What is the process of teaching and learning called? 

Correct Answer:  Education 


Sample Question 02

What does this symbol represent?


Correct Answer:   Copyright 

Sample Question 03

If the telescope is used for far-distant objects, what instrument is employed for minuscule objects? 

Correct Answer:  Microscope

Sample Question 04

What kind of book is written by a person about their own life? 

Correct Answer:   Autobiography

Sample Question 05

What do we call the first meal of the day? 

Correct Answer:   A Breakfast